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Damon Castico is passionate about assisting non-profits in fund-raising, and brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts that will help to achieve your goals.

It is Damon’s belief that, "if you don't know who you are raising the money for and how it will be spent you aren't going to be very compelling." 

"You've got the wrong guy."

That was Steve Haworth's response when asked to play the role of auctioneer for his daughter's school fundraiser.

Not only did the car dealership owner from Berkeley have no idea how to be an auctioneer, the idea of speaking in front of hundreds of people terrified him. Still, it was his wife and her friend who had organized the event, and Steve felt he couldn't say "no." Good thing he didn't.

Fourteen years later and Steve is a sought-after auctioneer for many charity events, raising tens of millions of dollars a year.

Listen to the NBC Bay Area News Report on Steve HERE


Frank Hanna began his career as an auctioneer 12 years ago when asked by his church in Danville to auction off a few items for the youth group which was raising funds to build homes in Mexico, probably because of his distinct Texas accent. 

Having been to cattle auctions as kid, he knew a little about auctioneers and was ok with his church having fun at his expense. One of the attendees that night ran an East Bay organization and asked Frank the next week to be the auctioneer for their event. He has been their auctioneer every year since. 

One event led to another and now Frank does auctions across the state, primarily in Northern California. He has never advertised but rather gets his work from referrals. He regularly does events of 100 attendees to over 600 as an auctioneer and an MC. He has worked with several well known organizations and personalities. His tireless work ethic has proven to a catalyst for his repeated business with clients and success. 

MC / Host / Auctioneer - Legendary radio and TV personality

 For thirty five years, the Bay Area woke to the voice and on-air antics of "Don Bleu in the Morning”. If you haven’t received a “Bleuper call”, your neighbor or spouse has.

On air, Don has flown with the Blue Angels, been dunked in a human Irish stew, officiated a wedding in a blimp over the Golden Gate bridge, and started a campfire in front of the Transamerica building, to bring attention to the plight of Girl Scouts against big business.

He was twice named National Radio Personality of the year, and is in the Radio Hall of Fame.

If you weren’t listening to Don Bleu on the radio, you were watching him on TV host ‘The Gong Show” or “The Know Zone” or “Evening Magazine”. A four time Emmy award winner, Don is trying to break the stereotype of “a face for radio".

For over 20 years Sandy Hochman worked with us as a professional auctioneer. His passing February 4, 2013 was a great shock.

Sandy was a good friend as well as a business associate and he will be greatly missed. 
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