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FREE Las Vegas Mini Vacation Voucher - Thank You Gift to Every One (VOL 1)

by Ira Klein on 09/21/18

We have an exciting program to offer all fundraising groups that partner with us on any of our many platforms. 

We can increase your donations by giving you vouchers to offer your donors an extra incentive when they give.  


You can offer a  “ THANK YOU “  gift to every donor who engages with your group during your fundraising campaign. 


  • Buy A ticket  ---------- Get a Free Vacation Package
  • Place a bid  ------------ Get a Free Vacation Package
  • Make a Pledge -------  Get a Free Vacation Package



The extra incentive is our Las Vegas Vacation Package that is FREE to your donor and “NO COST“  to your organization.

We work with several companies that donate hotel rooms and/or  show ticket deals  as well as other promotional items in order to help us,  help you raise money.

Through these connections, we are able to offer your donors a 3 Day 2 Night stay in Las Vegas at no charge*.  The stay in Las Vegas also includes an option for FREE show tickets .

Does this sound too good to be true ? 

So as not to surprise you or your donors,  upon activation of this voucher they do require a $50 fully refundable deposit. This insures us that the recipient will use the voucher or at least make best efforts to use the voucher, as they don’t want these hotel rooms and/or show tickets to go unused after a reservation is made.

Your donor has a full year to use the package once they have posted the $50 refundable deposit.  Your donor can give this voucher away to Family, friends, employees, or anyone that they may want to transfer it to.

In short, we will give you a voucher to distribute to anyone that donates to your organization.

The voucher gives them a 3 day 2 night stay in hotel accommodations in Las Vegas also gives them the option for 2 show tickets to a fabulous Las Vegas Show.  The show ticket providers do have a two drink per person minimum, but who does drink adult beverages when in Las Vegas ?  .

Your guest has to do nothing more than call in and post the initial  deposit of $50 that will be fully refunded to them after they check into the hotel and/or pick up their show tickets at our company offices in The Plaza Hotel (downtown Las Vegas).

This is a great way to say “ THANK YOU “  to those that support your organization .

We are now offering this to many charities and they immediately wonder,

How we are able to do this ?

The answer is brilliantly simple …………..

Firstly, the folks that donate the rooms and tickets may receive a tax deduction.

Secondly, these companies are often the first place the recipient will go to when they want to purchase additional rooms, show tickets, vacation packages and other Vegas / Orlando attractions.

For example, the 3 Day 2 Night stay is for midweek stays only, so if a donor wishes to stay the weekend, they can, but there is a slight upgrade charge. The recipient of the voucher is never required to buy, purchase or do anything to redeem their gift but many choose to do just that.  In fact, even though a Vacation club presentation is NOT mandatory, a recipient might agree to sit through one, in return for a steak dinner or other Free offering . 

Our goal is to help you garner more donations and we have found this goodwill starts a quality relationship that returns future dividends to the charities that work with us .

I do want to stress that none of your donors are ever required to do anything extra in order to redeem the gift voucher. The voucher is truly a free vacation package to the donor.

                *Charity agrees that these certificates CANNOT be sold by them, for any compensation, and

                    Must be a Thank You or Give-A-Way in return for some sort of donation to your cause